Special Events

ACID-FREE features an exhibition by Guadalupe Rosales organized by Los Angeles Contemporary Archive as well as a rotating schedule of music selected by artists and publishers.

Vitrines in The Lobby


The Map Pointz Archive documents the 1990s techno rave scene of Latinx and Chicanx communities in Southern California. Artist and archivist Guadalupe Rosales uses archival documentation as raw material: compiling and disseminating the graphic and photographic ephemera of a specific, resonant cultural moment. Assembling and preserving photographs, flyers, posters, magazines, and other cultural signifiers, Rosales’ ever-expanding archive encourages reflection on issues of identity, place, and community and exposes the importance of giving communities the power to build their own memories.

Music in The Backlot


Live Performance by Pacoima Techno followed by a DJ Set throughout opening night.

Performance at 7:30pm sharp.


Playlists by
Heinzfeller Nileisist
Dominica Publishing


Playlists by
Unity Press
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